As an ever-evolving service provider, BIM Services is also stepping into 6D and 7D simulation services. We work with Revit models and some other Autodesk software to get a better abstract of the building to facilitate the better environmental operation of the building. After a basic structural outline of a project, various other aspects need attention to ensure the building is both technically and environmentally sound. BIM Services brings to you 7D simulation. Here, we map and understand the spatial requirements of a building and how well the building model relates to it. A design is good when it is realistic, however, it is best when it is also following the factor of sustainability. We understand that a drawing on paper and the construction on site need a thread of linking which comes with 7D. We assess the conditions on-site and work out a plan that makes the design of the building even more effective while in operation. We offer services like Facilities management, Asset management, Record Modeling, and various other BIM linking services that keep the construction per the design yet only more effective.

6D & 7D Simulation

  • Assists in quick and effective decisions in regards to the design and installation of green and sustainable materials.
  • Ensures the reduction in overall energy consumption of the built project.
  • Provides a lifetime model and information for implementing energy analysis down the road.
  • Helpful for asset management in an effective manner.