Texas Park and Wildlife

Home Previous Next Department is a Texas state agency that oversees and protects Wildlife and their habitats. Headquartered in Austin its mission is to manage and conserve the natural resources of state of Texas. BIM Services was hired by the Mechanical Contractor to create BIM/CAD designs for A.E Wood fish Hatchery which is managed by […]

Texas Facilities Commission’s

Home Previous Next New North Austin Building — Phase one of the North Austin Complex development authorized the construction of one 406,000 square foot state office building and accompanying parking lot. The nine-story office building includes a mechanical penthouse and an adjacent seven-story parking garage. BIM Services LLC in collaboration with Local Engineering company was responsible […]

Austin Community College District

Home Previous Next Austin Community College District is a community college in Austin, Texas Metropolitans Area. The college was established in 1973 and is among the largest colleges in Texas. It comprises of 11+ campuses with 100+ fields of study A major renovation work including HVAC, mechanical and plumbing design was planned at ACC BIM Services LLC […]