Bakersfield College Science and Engineering Building

Bakersfield College Science and Engineering Building is one of the oldest community colleges in the nation. This project included all construction services required for a three-story science and engineering building  with associated site work.

Scope- Plumbing

Project Synopsis:

  • Modeled the entire Plumbing System inclusive of Drainage and Water Supply.
  • Coordinated piping and equipment locations with other trades.
  • Provided BIM modelingand coordination services for Plumbing for Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and Underground.
  • Provided and installed access panels for all valves, water hammer arrestors, or any other items requiring maintenance.
  • Produced detailed shop drawings of all three levels and Underground with elevations and dimensions for every item in the BIM plumbing system.
  • Presented the penetration drawings for risers from UG through the roof to ensure the efficient and timely continuation of work in the field.

General Contractor- Bernards            

Category- Academic

Location- California                             

Architect- HMC Architects

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