Potter County Court Building

This project consists of the construction of a five-story justice center of approximately 158,250 square feet with space for courtrooms, jury assembly, county offices, courtroom in-custody holding, and records storage. The new courts building will be constructed on land owned by the county, to the south of the existing district courts building.

Scope- HVAC, Hydronic, Piping, and Plumbing

Project Synopsis:

  • Provide BIM clash-free model and coordination services for Plumbing and HVAC for all five levels and roof for ease of laying out in the field.
  • Coordinate hydronic, piping, and equipment locations with other trades
  • Coordinate location of equipment behind inaccessible ceilings and walls with the location of access panels.
  • Install sidewall return air openings and grilles at the same centerline elevation as the associated supply air register. Produce detailed shop drawings and penetration drawings of all five levels and roof with elevations and dimensions for every item in the BIM plumbing system.

General Contractor- Adolfson & Peterson Construction

Category- Court Building

Location- Texas

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