Worthingway Middle School

Worthingway Middle School is a single-story, 65,587 square foot brick school building located in a suburban residential setting. This project is a renovation and addition to an existing middle school. The east half of the existing building has been demolished and foundations removed making way for a new façade wall capping the east elevation. Mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection systems are being installed in the ceiling spaces.

Scope- Ducting and Mechanical Piping 

Project Synopsis:

Provide all materials, valves, hangers, equipment, and appurtenances as required by code. Provide concrete equipment pads under floor-mounted air-handling units, boilers, heat pump, etc. Locate all mechanical equipment for unobstructed access to unit access panels, controls, and valves. Provide detailed shop drawing with elevations and dimensions for every item in the BIM Ducting and Mechanical Piping System. Provide a BIM 3D clash-free model for the Ducting and Mechanical Piping for ease of laying out in the field. . Attend BIM coordination meeting on behalf of the client.

General Contractor- Ruscilli Construction Company

Architect- Schorr Architects, Inc.

Category- Academic

Location- Worthington, Ohio

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