About us

Were you looking for some extreme and compulsive construction content when you landed here? Well, you kind of hit the target!

Why we say so?

With almost a decade in the construction industry, BIM services LLC has seen it all. The most complex of projects to the quick turnarounds, there has been so much going in the background. You might not even see all of those on the projects tab.

Too much vanity, eh?! Well, not really.

Our little story started in 2014 in a small office in Austin, Texas. BIM services started off as a small BIM CAD consulting firm with the goal of reaching/catering to American clients specifically. However, as time passed, we saw our happy clientele recommending us to businesses worldwide and now we have a rich client base. With a major focus on MEP, we also provide services such as BIM coordination, as-builts, shop drawings, redline Markups, City Approval Drawings, and the list does not seem to end.

You think pre-construction, you think about BIM Services. BIM being the most imaginative catalyst for the building development sector, reaching greater heights of modernization, bridging the gap between the pre-modernity scale of construction and the simulation age.

To reach this stage, we have, however, toiled hard. Maintaining top-notch quality in all our deliverables and staying true to timelines are two of our most noteworthy objectives. We believe in keeping people over processes and every new project for us is not just another quick-buck activity. We believe in building relationships and long ones at that.

Keeping pace with modern times, BIM services LLC is a globally renowned BIM consulting partner. Over the years, we have proven to be the most preferred outsourcing partner for many companies without the hefty price tag and delivered more than 1000 projects to clients globally.

Our Vision

BIM Services LLC strives to be the most sought out solution provider for innovative and cutting edge technology-oriented services within the AECO space. We aim to be delivering the best customer experience and value addition to the projects we work on while being a desirable place and environment to work in/with for our employees and clients alike.

Our Mission

 Our mission is to helps our client deliver better constructed projects by utilizing and leveraging the full power of BIM(Building Information Modeling) technologies. Our motto is to ‘MAKE THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER’.

Our Core Values

☉ Integrity

We are transparent, honest, and ethical in all our interactions. These we believe are the core building blocks of any organization’s success. 

☉ Relationships

Succeeding in business is all about making relationships better with the clients. We wish to have you as a client not just for one project but for a lifelong continued association.

☉ Team Work

We work together, and together we make the dream work. Our team is our pride and we take all initiatives to make our organization a worthy place for our employees as well.