Health Hazards in Construction Site

“All things in life come at a price” – so does the construction business.People in the construction business built, repair, demolish, modify and renovate various buildings. Those who work on a construction site use a lot of tools and heavy machinery to carry out their daily activities. Working on these construction sites involves risk and can be dangerous if caution is not practiced.This article highlights the common health hazards in the construction business that you should be aware of and the ways to avoid the possible menaces.

Working from Height

Working at high altitudes remains one of the biggest occupational hazards and the major cause of some fatal injuries. Suitable training is necessary for those working on construction sites. Receiving correct training will help them understand the risks and become aware of the safety procedures they should follow to avoid such injuries.

Slips and Trips

The ever-changing needs of a construction project require a worker to involve in a range of different activities. So, falling, tripping and slipping seem uncommon to occur due to these different activities while working on a project.Most of these incidents are not fatal in nature but they can be dangerous. To avoid such instances, proper work area management is required.

Moving Objects

Without proper work area management, moving objects can be a hazard. There are various reasons why a worker might get hit with a moving object including poorly lit work areas, lack of warning signs, messy work areas that deter safe maneuvering, etc.


Construction sites are extremely noisy. Excessive and incessant noise at such locations can cause long-term hearing problems, making it one of the major hazards of the construction business.Hand-arm Vibration Syndrome (HVS)Prolonged exposure to vibrating tools can change the sensation of the fingers, leading to a debilitating and painful disease known as hand-arm vibration syndrome.The construction workers must be given proper and appropriate equipment to avoid such events from happening.


Asbestos is a group of mineral fibers found in rocks and soil. The fibers that form asbestos are very small to see and can be separated easily, but they are extremely easy to breathe in. They can build up in your lungs and cause respiratory problems.When a worker comes in contact with asbestos, it places them at risk of developing serious respiratory problems. So, caution and proper training are required.

Accidental Collapse

A major risk in waiting.If left unattended, excavations and collapses can seriously injure people working at the site. Every year collapses account for a large number of fatalities.Collapses often result from negligence by the construction company or third-party contractors – planning proper precautions before the work starts can help tackle the situation prior to such unfortunate events.


According to Health, Safety and Environment management, 1000 workers are electrocuted every year. Most of these accidents occur either by touching live parts directly or coming in contact with electrical equipment.Unfortunately, the increasing number of electricity-related accidents involve unqualified laborers performing electrical work.

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