How BIM Is Useful For Contractors?

Before we move forward with telling you about how BIM is going to benefit you, let us explain you what BIM is actually is.

BIM is abbreviation of Business Information Modeling. Business Information Modeling is one of the pivotal assets for architecture, engineering and construction related professionals. BIM helps in developing a 3D model representation for an upcoming building project. It helps in creating a digital representation of the proposed model of a building which allows to concentrate all the before, ongoing and post construction data. The digital representation of the model helps in monitoring the progress of the construction especially when the functional features are being installed. This brings out productivity in the best possible manner.

Now when we know what BIM is,

let’s talk about how BIM can prove out to be of great help and usefulness to contractors.

Reduction of Cost of construction projects

The major losses that a construction company and general contractors face are at the time of remodeling or reworking. Developing a 3D model reduces the rework up to 99%.

Detection of Clashes.

If any two spots are clashing then the digital representation helps to identify it and resolve the issue before it comes in physical form.

Increased Productivity

It of-course helps in increasing the productivity exponentially. As the rework is avoided at the very ground level BIM helps in saving a lot of time, efforts and money which therefore increases the productivity.

Ability to avoid Rework

As the model is a 3D model and not on paper it adds practicality to it which as a result helps in detecting all the clashes and flaws either physical or functional. Hence rework is avoided up to a great extent.

Reduces Turnaround time

BIM reduces the turnaround time and helps in completing projects in shorter period unlike what happens with the conventional CAD methods.

Accuracy in estimating the cost

Instead of putting strains on the pockets later on the BIM software helps you out to estimate the cost with better accuracy than the conventional methods.

  • Major issues resolved at design stage.

Apart from clashes there come up various other issues as well at the time of construction which with BIM are resolved at the design stage itself.

No use of traditional tools

The traditional tools like pen, papers, pencils, drawing boards, etc. are not put into use while designing a 3D virtual model with BIM. These fussy and time consuming tools remain of no use when you choose BIM.

Improves quality of designs

As BIM helps in creating a 3D virtual design, it actually gives you an idea of what your design is going to look like. Unlike the traditional methods in which the designs are drawn on paper which merely looks like lines and shapes and not a building. So, with the traditional method you cannot be much sure about how your design is going to look like at the end.

Wise use of man power

The man power used to construct a building is used efficiently which again saves on time and money as only what is accurate is done and no reworks are required.

  • No unbudgeted variations

With BIM when you are completely aware of what you have designed and what it is going to look like at the end, you don’t require any last moment unbudgeted variations which at times take us out of our budget.

Management of ongoing Constructional Activities

The ongoing constructional activities can be well managed with BIM. As BIM has got features like monitoring the temperature and other things.

Planned progress of the project

With BIM you get complete clarity of design which helps to make a progressive plan for construction. Also it helps to keep a check on the progress of the projects.

BIM with its advanced technologies and latest software’s is taking a toll over the construction industry. It has made constructing assets way easier than before. Whether you are a general contractor or a construction company all you need to produce good and effectual results is an up to-date BIM software. To name a few, the best ones are – Revit, Rhinoceros, AutoCAD Architecture, etc.

Choosing the traditional market of constructing methods over the latest technologies of BIM is the worst mistake you could ever make in today’s era. Where time and money matters the most, BIM should surely be the option you consider before bringing your dream building to reality.

With the introduction of BIM in the construction, the industry too like every other industry in today’s time has witnessed digital revolution. The revolutionary digital designs and modeling of construction projects have definitely become the new trend.

Whether you are a contractor or not, if you are someone who is planning to get something built, make sure you use the BIM software to save your time, efforts and money.

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