Unidentified clashes can cause a major outrun in the budget in any construction project, thus our dedicated team of BIM experts exclusively handles your coordination projects to help save on rework, time, and money. BIM clash identification, constructability reviews, and online 3D collaboration meetings are included in our suite of 3D coordination tools. As your BIM coordination partners, we run the various stakeholders/subcontract models through a rigorous clash detection phase to ensure that all clashes are resolved in the 3D model itself. We run BIM coordination meetings on behalf of the owner/GC to keep all the involved disciplines on track with the time and constructability of the project, resulting in a smooth and cost-effective solution that can be simply handed over to the field teams for installation. We offer the following services in our BIM Coordination suite:

  • BIM Execution Plan creation
  • Coordination between structural and architectural elements
  • Inter-trade clash detection and coordination
  • Coordination between MEPF elements with structural and architectural elements.
  • Run BIM clash coordination meetings with trades on behalf of the GC team.
  • Act as a liaison between the design team and the trade partners in getting quick resolution of queries and RFI
  • Project documentation and handover


  • Helps Visualize the building.
  • Provides a virtual tour of all building aspects.
  • A record of changes and alterations done on the field during construction.
  • Serves as a reference for future renovations and improvements in the project.