Area – 1950 sqft 

Year – 2022

City – Los Angeles

Country – United States 

Text description provided by the architects. The A+M House is located in Santa Monica Canyon next to a canal, a block from the Pacific Ocean. Two adventurous teenagers and one adult are the residents. The exterior shape of the house transforms vertically – from rectangular at the roof to a variously curving plan at the ground – ‘the guitar’. 

The A+M House, named after the architects of its exterior, consists of a sloping theatre space above-ground and a single level below-ground. The structure blends with the surrounds and strategically places its parking spaces on either side. The four-story house is organized around a central atrium crossed by a bridge at each level and including a stair to all floors and the roof deck which looks over the sea. The simple design of the roof makes it possible to lift up like a sail, creating an amazing view of this unique space. A theatre, symposium area, and multiple bedrooms and bathrooms surround the stair and bridges. The house is organized around a central atrium crossed by a bridge at each level and including a stair to all floors and the roof deck which looks over the sea. Designed to achieve maximum solar gain in all seasons, it allows owners to enjoy their private space while enjoying views of south-facing gardens full of plants such as palms, citrus, roses and other ornamentals. The house includes over 3,000 square feet of living/meeting space with an expansive swimming pool that serves as a natural outdoor living room when not used for water sport activities.

One level above, two parking spaces are covered by curving, bowl-shaped soffits that form the rubberized exterior of the sloping interior theatre seating. The result is a smart, sustainable design that meets your cost- and time-constraints while creating additional space for cars, bikes and surfboards. 



Area – 172000 sqft

Year – 2022

City – Norva Lorque

Country – United States

Text description provided by the architects. This long narrow, residential tower becomes ‘home’ from the outside, while its windowed walls climb toward the sky to capture incredible urban views from the inside.

The classic New York City neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen gets a new tower. If there is an ideal home for a family and all their needs, then this newly completed 611 West 56th St is that. Located at 823 11th Avenue and the corner of 56th Street, the recently completed residential tower rises up from the ever-changing New York City neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen. Set within a forest of buildings that shoot from the ground, shoulder to shoulder, unique yet just one cell of a growing body. 

56th street is one of the most exciting and vibrant parts of the city. The neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen is a bustling hub of art, culture and innovation. Six11 West 56th Street is situated in the heart of this local neighborhood, providing its residents with a dynamic urban experience while offering residents access to world-class education facilities, entertainment as well as boutique shopping areas such as Union Square and Flatiron District. Located on the corner of 11th Avenue and West 56th Street is 611 West 56th Street. The tower rises up from the ever-changing New York City neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen. Set within a forest of buildings that shoot from the ground, shoulder to shoulder, unique yet just one cell of a growing body – with the spontaneity of cypress trees or bamboo stalks.

A restrained and elegant new home, 611 West 56th Street offers attractive one-bed apartments in the heart of Manhattan. Designed by the renowned firm of Beyer Blinder Belle, this building rises up from a setting of skyscrapers, exuding a sense of calm, serenity and luxury that is true to its surroundings.


Area – 21780 sq m

Year – 2022

City – Austin

Country – United States

Developer – Karlin Real Estate 

Text description provided by the architects. Mark Odom Studio repurposed shipping containers to create a one-of-a-kind experience at Austin’s exciting new hospitality complex Parmer Ponds The Pitch. The Pitch — Austin’s distinct hospitality and entertainment complex for Austin FC soccer fans and the community debuted this spring. The two-acre site is a one-of-a-kind destination hub for retail, food, office and outdoor gatherings served from flexible two-story repurposed shipping containers. The unique project was designed by Austin award-winning architecture and interiors firm, Mark Odom Studio.

Mark Odom Studio creates complex structures out of repurposed shipping containers. Odom Studio is one of the few private direct communities in West Hollywood and we are proud to be a part of this community. We feature a full-service lifestyle center with some of the best retailers including Petco, Pier 1 Imports, Tilly’s or Groupon deals. These stores are the perfect place to find that last minute item you needed while on vacation or while hosting a family event at home. The complex comprises 23 repurposed shipping containers that are stacked to create two stories and then clustered into five separate building pods, with varying building square footages. 

At the heart of our modular development is a commitment to create both an identity and community within the city we live in. This idea is at its core as we create environments that are not only functional, but designed with things like solar panel integration, rain water harvesting and carbon neutral operations in mind. 

Mark Odom Studio has produced three 40-foot-tall containers that sit atop a site’s green spaces. Each has a massive vertical perspective view to the sky above, each with its own purpose: one is a restroom, one is an electrical room and one is a dining pavilion. The containers were placed on their ends to serve as wayfinding nodes from afar — while functioning as restroom facilities and electrical rooms at ground level. The mass timber pavilion that anchors the program between Austin FC’s practice stadium and The Pitch grounds also helps lower the parking lot’s elevation further into the landscape. As each pod was curated differently, the experience and views will also entice users to walk around, explore and enjoy. 


AKRIS Boutique

Area – 160 sqm 

Year – 2022

City – Washington

Country – United States

Associate – Federica Zerbo (2019-2020)

Project Coordinator – Physical Models

Local Architect – Leo A. Daly

Text description provided by the architects. Following a collaboration that began in 2018 between DCA Milan and the Kriemler brothers for the development of a new Store Concept, the first AKRIS prototype store opened in Washington DC. AKRIS is an international fashion house founded in Saint Gallen, Switzerland in 1922, its name is an acronym of Alice Kriemler– Schoch, the company’s founder. Ownership has since passed down the family and is now in the hands of the founder’s grandchildren, Albert and Peter Kriemler.

AKRIS Boutique is a modern, minimalist furniture collection with a clear optical illusion of suspended light elements, where the components and their supports are completely integrated into the design, emphasizing the connection between modernism and architecture. The design references Bruno Munari’s spatial structures, whose fundamental nature lies in contrasting two opposing forces: tension and compression. The AKRIS boutique is a place where merchandise is the center piece. It is a pure sensorial experience that invites you to explore the collection, placing them under soft light in alcoves built for discovery. 

The project aims to give the collections a solid, three-dimensional architecture that defines their location within the park. The designer’s constant attention to details and precise craftsmanship are precisely translated into three-dimensional surfaces, with careful selection of materials with an elegant finish.

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