The angled standing seam façade system is made from titanium zinc. The special properties are that angled seams are distinguished by particularly low material stresses, making it possible for very effective insulation of the building envelope. Angled standing seam façade systems are distinguished by their particularly low material stresses. These systems have been developed using titanium zinc, a versatile material that has high functionality and technology-neutral properties. 

The RHEINZINK system is a modular building façade made of titanium zinc. This material features particularly low stresses and therefore speaks to designers and architects looking for a façade system that can be easily adjusted. 

The Flex standing seam system is based on a special industrial technology that allows an extremely versatile and lightweight cladding for the buildings. It can be used in almost all areas of construction, resulting in variable designs with great aesthetic appeal. The system is suitable for small and large surfaces and uses a range of panel lengths, widths, and angles. With its various options, the angled standing seam system enables you to truly focus on more appropriate uses of your panels. Whether you’re looking for segmentation, surface curvature, or other features, it has a solution to suit your needs. Angled standing seam is a system that can be used to make sure the seams do not overlap, so there are no gaps at the joints. It is a great alternative for many types of doors because it gives the door a very elegant appearance, especially when used for large panels or when multiple door requirements are necessary.

Angled standing seams can be installed vertically, horizontally, and diagonally using a selection of different panel lengths and widths. Panels can be installed on cross joints or half-staggered cross seams. Tapered, concave, or convex surfaces can be reliably clad with ease. 



The Stone Walls range presents a natural alternative to brick, combining the durability and cost-effectiveness of brick with the design flexibility of stone. Blackened split face finish or chiseled edges create texture and add definition, while tumbled beauties feel softer to the touch. Get creative with our stackable stone walls – they can be installed systematically or randomized depending on the design intent. Pull them up from the ground to create stunning walls in an instant. Stone is a natural building material with many uses. Stone walls provide a beautiful, timeless feature for any property. We have various shades of beige and grey that can be installed as stackable stone walls or in a random pattern depending on the design intent. 

Flow into a natural, warm environment with our stackable stone walls. And if you want to add another dimension to your home, think of the possibilities. It can accompany facade or wall elements as an accent wall and also be used as an interior finish in columns and flooring. The stone gives warmth, texture, and character to your home. Whether you want a casual look or a more formal feel, we have the option to suit your needs. 

Dietfurt limestone’s deep history and distinctive fossil structures offer architects and designers endless possibilities when creating custom stone interiors. Dietfurt limestone is a natural stone that formed 150 million years ago. The stone exhibits prehistoric fossils such as ammonites and belemnites that make each piece unique. This limestone is also suitable for interior and exterior applications making it possible for designers to bring the stone inside and outside with seamless transitions to create stunning fireplaces, unique staircases, or striking walls. This stone is also suitable for interior and exterior applications making it possible for designers to bring it inside and outside with seamless transitions. The natural split face produces a pattern of darks, light, and variation. These stones are a great option for bathroom privacy dividers and accents, fireplace mantelpieces, and kitchen countertops. 

Dietfurt limestone is the most popular natural stone in the world. Formed at least 150 million years ago and with fossil remnants, it’s a perfect choice for interior and exterior applications. Ancient limestone is crafted into a wide range of products, from floor panels to wall cladding. Our split-face limestone’s natural structure can be highlighted with eco-friendly stains and finishes.



Use – 3D architectural rendering, 3D architectural visualization, 3D design for marketing

Applications – Photoreal renders, presentation images, 360 panoramas, virtual reality (VR), animations, and videos.

Characteristics – Software plugin, ray-tracing, physically accurate 3D visualization capability, real-time rendering, free 3D Models including cloud rendering, CPU and GPU rendering, distributed rendering, physically based lights, materials, and cameras.


Developed by a team of engineers and artists from all over the world, Chaos V-Ray is an advanced and versatile render engine that runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. It’s purpose-built for architectural visualization. Chaos V-Ray is the number one software for architectural rendering. Providing unmatched rendering performance and accuracy, Chaos V-Ray is the preferred choice of architects, designers, and product developers. Chaos V-Ray is the world’s most widely used software for architectural rendering. 

V-Ray is a film-quality 3D rendering plugin that brings your designs to life with photorealistic images and animations. V-Ray is the most powerful, flexible, and user-friendly rendering solution available. V-Ray’s hardware-accelerated ray tracing technology gives you true photorealism on your desktop or laptop while allowing you to explore design iterations and make quick post-processing changes. 

V-Ray is the next generation of rendering, bringing jaw-dropping CG to the big screen and allowing you to create photorealistic visuals like never before. You can quickly transform your designs from concept to reality with V-Ray. A powerful rendering plugin that lets you link your modeling applications and software, including 3ds Max, Revit, SketchUp, Rhino, Grasshopper, and Unreal Engine.



Use – Floor panels

Characteristics – Quarried natural stone, Timeless color, Long life span, highly durable

Format – Weight: Approx. 2600kg/m³; Thicknesses: 3cm and up

Sizes – Custom


Dietfurt limestone Gala panels are a great alternative to concrete and are much cheaper. Dietfurt limestone flooring comes in various shades from beige to cream white depending on the finish. Rough finishes give the stone a monolithic look and excellent slip resistance making it ideal for exterior pavers, terraces, and around swimming pools. Large panel sizes are achievable making design options limitless.

Dietfurt limestone Gala is an exclusive stone with a monolithic look and excellent slip resistance. Due to its excellent technical values, this flooring panel can be used for exterior flooring panels in any climatic condition including freeze-thaw. 

Dietfurt limestone flooring offers beautiful design possibilities. The stone is natural, and versatile and can be used for many purposes in all different types of rooms and outdoor spaces. An extremely hardwearing material, the stone is resistant to moisture, off-gas, and fractures without compromising its beauty. Due to its enormous thermal storage capacity, it makes an ideal flooring material for cold climate countries such as Russia or Alaska where winters are harsh. 

Features  –

  • Design options are limitless
  • Colors range from beige to cream-white
  • Various finishes are available, from smooth to textured
  • Sustainable
  • Environmental Product Declarations
  • Highly durable
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